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"Boss lady" necklace can be viewed in detail here

Whoa. Holidays are here huh! I'm swamped and developing the most lovely calluses on my hand from hammering out so many pieces! ;)
pretty nails+soft hands? Psh! Not here! ;) makes me envy people who make candles n creams as I'm sure their hands are soft as can be.

Anyway, mama (me) is stressed, I'll admit it.
It is mostly because I am trapped in a cubicle half the day -- wish I could set up a mini-shop with a drill, saw n bose speaker system in my cubicle to stay in the Mano y Metal groove but alas, creative time always has to wait until....
                   --I get home,
                               --feed the kid,
                                     --help the kid with his homework
                                                          ---hug the kid
                                  - call my mother...
then just before I "should" wash the dishes I announce to the hubs that I have to work on orders! Muuu-haahaa!
Being swamped everyday with filling orders has worked out quite well as I am so busy that I have been able to avoid washing dishes, folding laundry and even cooking! Heehee!!!

"I mean, I can't! I'm swamped!" I yell over my shoulder as I slam the hammer on my steel block. He's been good too- hasn't protested the domestic load being tossed on him. Ha. Finally, a justifiable reason to avoid domestic duties besides my plain rejection of them! ;) I mean when faced with the decision of "sort socks" OR "make a pair of earrings" mama is always going to make something instead.

view BOss Lady necklace in detail HERE
So, another reason I am blogging today other than relishing in what's left of my lunch hour before I return to the cubicle is: I have some GIVeAWaY + Sweet Discount codes sprinkled over the Internet that you might be interested in knowing about- since it is holiday madness season after all.

Jodi from the Cupcake Earthquake blog is having a lovely Mano y Metal giveaway!

All she is asking to enter the giveaway action is to follow her blog! ;) AND her readers receive a discount code too- go check it out HERE should your curiosity be peeked ;)

Next: the lovely Kate from Kate's Irrelevant blog has a 15% OFF code dancing in this blog post! If you'd like to know the code click here n' check it out! ;)

Ok, I'm going back to the cube(icle).

Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. heehee, I adore you Stef! I hope one day we can meet! Either you in the Chi or me in LA! :) xoxoxo!

  2. i definitely understand what you mean. i've been so busy making and shipping christmas orders that i'm even dreaming about them. it's nuts! and tonight as i was filing some metal down, all i could think about was how terrible my hands look, and how once the christmas rush is over i can't wait to be able to paint my nails again without having to worry about it chipping off in the first 20 minutes!

    also, i hope you realize how lucky you are having a husband who shares the domestic responsibilities. my husband is home all day everyday and STILL doesn't do anything helpful and domestic! GRRRR!!!!!

  3. @danielle- OMG YES! I cannot wait to treat myself to a manicure! My nails are a diaster, but i know its pointless to paint them now-- as like you said, they will chip in 20min! :) So funny how making pretty things (jewelry) has a flip side as it makes our nails unpretty. oh the irony! :D
    heehee- as for the hubs+domestic duties OH THAT HAS BEEN A JOURNEY, Uphill battle, etc.. the first 2 years I was losing my mind over him not picking up his dish after dinner! Now, he is much better, BUT believe me, it was NOT always like this--- but I can say that I am lucky lately considering he takes on the horrendous dishes+laundry too- but I clean the toilet so i think its fair! haha.


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