hellllllllloooooooooo from Vacationland

12:39 AM

remember me? :)

Just wanted to say HELLO & that I hope you are enjoying your holidays! I've been enjoying my time off work {time-off from the duties of: cubicle+Etsy Shop+School} --- I've turned off my alarm clock (and all 10 back-up alarms 7min apart) and been catching up on sleep+family time+ and relaxation! 
"iphone Battery Dying" drawn by the kiddo I made.
The re-charging of my batteries was so needed and I already feel the difference in my mood --- biggest clue-- I am willingly washing dishes--AND without cursing them! I know!  c r a z y.
and also, I have not drank a redbull since the day I activated my "out-of-the-office" email at the cubicle and put my Etsy Shop on vacation mode. :) I know!  another: crazy. 
My beloved 5 yr old has loved every ounce of Holiday break too and has kept me (super) busy with intense Lego session(s) + Chess 101 (teaching him) + Disney Movie Galore and today we took a trip to the Zoo to see the Xmas light show and caught some Dolphin show action :) 
oh & in case you are wondering he was aiming for "panda" in the face paint collage :)
Holiday B R E A K has been a blast and I don't know how I will (re)adjust to the full-blown insane schedule I regularly get swallowed up by.... 
                        all the more reason to relish this rare time off :) 
Lining up friendship dates too--- wine+chat sessions MUST occur during my break. 

Off to bed as we are taking the kiddo to the museum tomorrow then I have a friendship date afterward that will include semi-sweet red wine with my best friend:)

Talk to you soon! 

 Are you squeezing in some relaxation these holidays?

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  1. Che bella! I just finished taking a break for several weeks and am looking forward to getting back to making things. So refreshing to take a break. Enjoy the leisure time, you deserve it!

  2. You deserved this break! I absolutely love the last montage. :-)

    Ok, I've tagged you in my blog: http://artisticexpressionsbyelisabeth.blogspot.com/2011/12/ive-been-tagged.html

  3. looks like you are having a great time. i need to seriously catch up on my sleep asap!

  4. Yay!! Hi stranger! I'm glad you're enjoying your time off. It looks like you're having an awesome time! XO


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