Insta-friday {No.2}

11:52 AM

Yey! Insta-friday! ;D I'm linking up with Jeannette from Life Rearranged to share my week via instagram shots! :)

been playing with shades of blue eyeshadow under my eyes, it's fun! Also, purple eyeliner+purple hand-painted earrings+ purple feather extension-- appears there is a theme that sprouted organically  {feather hair extension are compliments of my girl's Co. "Roots of Life" if you dig feather creations, you will love her work! Stop by her page and say hi :)} #sundays
My friend n I would have quick morning+afternoon chat sessions & this week I've been yanked outta my routine and we haven't chatted in what seems as I looked through my instagram pics...I saw her record player+record collection that I covet... & realized I gotta make it a point to sync despite my chaotic schedule/workload...  #weneedfriendships
He tricks me into playing tag often.. kids will keep you young. #hyperness 
A handmade bowl I selected at the Pozolada show I was in this past Saturday! I'm pretty obsessed with it... & now want to play with clay... :) #handmadealltheway 
I drive under this several times a week n' couldn't help sneaking in a pic as I passed it.    
#urban #dwelling

1st: I think the red hair combined with my pale skin makes me look like a vampire 2. I like the shades of "red" instagram changes my hair to. heehee. particulary diggin' that considering I might be going back to brown soon... red just fades too quickly. I don't do high-maintence well.  3. those are my two fav. gals in the world. :) #red #friendship #fun

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