Instagram Friday!

12:25 PM

Let a little sunshine in.

Sometimes I see something, or am in a moment with a cuddly little niece or driving past the beach on a windy day and see the waves crash viciously against the sand and I frantically reach for my phone in hopes of capturing that moment, to freeze that instant.... and many times, I don't---> I miss it, but sometimes, just sometimes I am lucky enough to capture a few good ones behind the lens...
So here are this week's pics taken via instagram/iphone....
a sweet complilation of what captures my attention in the unexpected moment with a special emphasis of what made me smile this week.

we got spam mail on cardstock paper this week & I told my son he should recycle it & make something from it... then before I knew it he was cutting, gluing, coloring and made a small fox from the spam mail. :) Another induced smile.
Quick adorations for mother nature.
this trio made me smile on my trip to the art store this week :)

I call this one: "Cheerful Rebellion" as my niece sticks out her tongue unknowingly? or knowingly? :)

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Have a great Friday!
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  1. What fun stuff! I'm glad you stopped by 'oh so nifty'! =)

  2. i love instagram!!! your photos on there are always zoo rad!! :) especially the ones of you & your boy!!!

  3. thanku Nina! I think the same of your pics! :D <3 glad we have instagram to connect on as well! yipeeeee!
    xoxo. <3


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