That Lazy Jane.

5:57 PM

So one of my favorite children's book authors is Shel Silverstein and he won me over with this poem and illustration:
And so when I laid down on the bench to rest from an intense game of "tag" with my favorite 5 year old in the whole world,
I couldn't help but relish in being lazy Jane just for a moment...
because mama has been going non-stop this month filling X-mas orders back to back trying to get them shipped in time
and let me tell you: the race against the clock is no easy battle-- in fact, it is ridiculous how fast a 24 hour period can evaporate before I have a chance to blink.
it is "tomorrow" already!
Custom order...

I set up a routine though...
I wait til' the house is quiet and everyone's hyper-butt have gone to sleep...
 then I get comfy in my work station as I lay out my "to create" list of orders...

And I have been alternating between:
 this show

this show
I just discovered this show and um, where have I been? It is HILARIOUS! I'm so hooked! :)
to play in the background and keep me company while I stay up working until around 2am and hopefully when I wake up at 6am to get to the cubicle, I snatch a pile like these off the couch to ship em' off. 

this has been the routine.

the routine has earned me some pretty sweet calluses on my hands :)
bandaids weren't cutting it, so a little duct tape did the trick.

Custom Orders

So Guess who is super excited to be on vacation from the day job starting next week?

and I am going to be on Lazy Jane Mode too
I think I have earned it.

what are you looking forward to about the holidays?


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  1. You will have definitely earned your right to be "Lazy Jane"! Congrats on all the orders, bandaids and all. I'm looking forward to time off from work, spending some time with my family (bro and SIL are coming to visit - yay!), and finishing up some craft orders. :-)

  2. You can be LAZY JANE & ALSO JILL SPRAT:
    Jack Sprat could eat no Fat
    and Jill could eat no lean,
    and so betwixt them both you see,
    they licked the platter clean!

  3. @ Stef--- Mil Gracias Mujer! :D I absolutely appreciate so much your kind words! <3 <3

    @ Libby-- :D Thanks Libby! yes! time off and family bonding is the best--- and catch up on craft projects is a treat too! :) Enjoy every min! xoxo

    @ Anonymous-- mom? heehee. this made me laugh-- even if this is not my mom-- thank you for the poem! :D

    Love to all!

  4. you my girrrrrl! i love the holidays because it means i can be extra lovey without people getting mad bc of all the hugs i give! LOL.

  5. I adore you Nina! <3 :D lol-- yea I can see you being a hugger :) awwwwe! and yes! I had some tamales compliments of the mother-in-law and these was the bomb! <3 sending you love! xoxo


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