Truth Tuesday {no.7} Dreams...

12:18 PM

Hola! Today, I am joining my girlNina on the Moon in her project:
Where she asks participants to share a personal truth: be them big or small...
Thank you Nina for your project!
Each week, I enjoy the truth journey I take within myself. 

Truth is:
I remember as a child I would have frequent nightmares, from evil witches to the kool-aid man being evil. (to this day I still don't like the kool-aid man due to the nightmares).

Then I remember my mom telling me that when I was having a nightmare, one of those awful wake-up sweating type of nightmares, to tell myself it was a "just a dream" and that I could change things in my dream... change the circumstances of the dream...

What I mean is:
Dream scenario: I am being chased by some crazy monster with claws and he is quickly catching up to me and he almost has me because I can't run.... f a s t... e-n o u..g h......
well, just before he claws at my leg I will myself in my dream to fly!
That really started to throw all the villains in my dreams off I tell ya! :)
At the most scariest parts of my dreams, I'd will myself to turn invisible, fly, or have super-strength or just plain keep fighting and not give-up.

Well, those scary dreams, I wish I could re-play them and pause them and be able to analyze what is the underlying fear+anxiety causing them...
understand them..
and what they mean...& their significance...

Dreams carry so many secret messages that lay hidden in the edges of our conscious...
but when I wake up----I can't remember it all,
I forget faces,
things that made that dream special...

Like when I dreamt about my beloved friend who passed away...
he came to me in my dream and we danced and celebrated his birthday... then he said he had to go and I said: no!
I didn't want it to end...
that dream, I wish I could record and play over and over again...

I wish I could record my dreams and watch them later...
So that when I am fed up with reality,
I can revert to my dreamland and re-play the magic that happens when I close my eyes and sleep.

A girl can dream can't she?

Thank you for stopping by today! 
Have a wonderful week! 

Desiree, Mano y Metal.

what is your truth?

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  1. I was afraid of Mr. Clean. Still have the memory of the childhood fear.


  2. Oh yea, Mr.Clean def. has the creepy factor! :)

  3. My truth is, I want more than anything to be a mom and wife...

  4. Stef- all in its timing... it shall happen and from what I know of you via our cyber connections, you'd make a fabulous momma y esposa! :) xoxo.


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