Truth Tuesday {No.8} Ryan Gosling loves crafty girls.

12:09 PM

Hola! Today, I am joining my girl, Nina on the Moon in her project:
Where she asks participants to share a personal truth: be them big or small...
Thank you Nina for your project!
Each week, I enjoy the truth journey I take within myself. 

Truth is:
I am such a sucker for humor
for the funny
for the laughs
for the witty
oh, and for Ryan Gosling-
(he totally won my heart in "the notebook" i fell hard for him after that flick)

 so, imagine my pure DELIGHT to stumble across a blog called:
@SewSoDef runs this and writes some of it.

Oh thank goodness, because those unfinished projects are going nowhere til about mid-Feburary.
ladies, Ryan Gosling loves crafty girls...
and he is totally on this handmade journey with you...
don't believe me?

eeeek! Ryan I love you.
all image sources can be found here

want to see more of these fabulous Ryan handmade pics?
Check out the blog:
because a crafty girl needs a laugh during all this handmade-holiday madness.

Truth is:
I am now officially obsessed with that blog, thank you @SewSoDef  for dreaming it up! 

ok. lets! ::starts packing::
Thank you for stopping by today! 
Have a wonderful week! 

Desiree, Mano y Metal.

what is your truth?

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  1. <3 <3 <3

    Thank you Desiree!! It's been a blast . . . you need to submit something!

  2. OMG I will! looks like too much fun!
    I must join the handmade ryan gosling party! :)


  3. well heellllooo boy! ha i have so many projects i need to start! i am hoping to turn a new leaf in 2012, a lot of my projects are sewing based.

  4. @Citlalli-- hahaha- SO GLAD! :D

    @ Stef- yep! too much for his own good! heehee

    @ cb- hahahaha! "hello boy" is right :) as for your sewing projects--- you know I have seen a few of your sewing based creations and have loved them so I think you should def. take the leap and dedicate your creative energies to what your heart is calling you to=sewing... :) can't wait to see what else you come up with! :)


  5. Oh my God! You have no idea how much I love this. Gonna share with my girls cuz they all mad that Bradley got sexiest man of the year (I'm okay with either). LOL!

  6. hahahaha! I just googled the bradley vs. gosling fiasco-- so funny!!! and I have to say, I am so team Gosling like your girls! heehee.


  7. So, so cute! That blog reminds me of the book Porn for Women- hot guys doing the dishes, taking the baby to the park, pouring wine for a girl and her besties- hilarious! Thanks for sharing!


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