For thee Men(z): Money Clips

9:00 AM

Shy (unsuspecting) friend + me + camera + money clips = impromptu photo-shoot!
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{Here is the story}
                 I showed up to meet my friend Alex  at a cafe, for a  creative brainstorm session cause' we were going to bounce ideas off each other and work toward a collaboration then I very innocently pulled out some new Money Clips I was working on... (yes, while simultaneously taking out my camera) and then
                while he looked at them and gave me his opinion I pounced with the camera & snapped away!

                          My friend Alex is SUPER SHY (sometimes).... although he is a photographer and not new to impromptu photo-shoots, he prefers being BEHIND the lens not in front of it, so imagine his horror as I aim my camera at him and tell him not to worry, for him to just keep talking.....   (if he is reading this, he is getting shy right now. Sorry Alex!)

 { Back to the Story}
But he did it! He let me photograph him and he bravely tried to ignore that I was totally exploiting his comfort zone by snapping away with my camera-- what can I say, I like natural pics though: those organic smiles and awkward moments captured...

ahhh, impromptu photo sessions, gotta love em'! :)
THANK YOU ALEX for being such a great sport! 

You can check out the Money Clips HERE 
Alex's film photography HERE 
or tweet him @alejandrolavin

Have a great day y'all!
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  1. Love having you back at it!! Alex is quite the photogenic one. Have a good day chica! xo!!

    1. heehee, gotta make up for that vacation time and enjoyin' getting back in the groove of bloggin :) I missed it. :)
      yea, he is photogenic even though he will never admit it :)
      Can't wait to see what you come up with in your HTML journey!

  2. i'm so red right now...hahaha! glad i can help you out! ummm, also, let's get some of our idea done! ok, bye!

    1. heehee! I knew it! I knew it! But you are SO AWESOME for modeling for a sista! and YEP lets take some shots in the snow this weekend? holla!
      p.s stop being shy! lol.

  3. awww, he looks like a nice boy. he shouldn't be so shy!!

    1. heehee, he IS the sweetest. but attention gives him anxiety, which of course fascinates me. ::mu-haha:: :)
      Have a great weekend!


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