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::Outfit Confessionals::
  • My outfits usually never escape a dash of bright colorzzz thrown in somewhere. So sure, it is an army green and brown combo I'm wearing, but then I dart around my bedroom, searching for an accent in a bright color to throw in... what is that? why is that? I don't know, but I can't help it. Seriously, I feel weird if I don't have some kind of bright color thrown in there somewhere. :)Hence, the pink lipstick & bright orange+yellow necklace. See? I can't help it, Iz needz the bright colorz on me... it's like carrying a little bit of sunshine in my pocket.
  • It is rare, but I will straighten my hair once in a big while, I usually go with low-maintenance hair: so curls, wavy mess or sloppy buns usually win me over, but hey, sometimes I get down with a hair straightener to tame the mane.
  • Mixing a pair of dark tights with lighter shoes is something I like to play with a lot, so expect the extremes to be graced in these outfit posts... as I slowly warm up to posting them. :)
shirt: h&m
  Brown Corduroy Pants & shoes: thrifted
double finger ring & necklace: Mano y Metal
tights: f21

I found these shoes thrifting! Um, I considered that a "jackpot" thrift visit! The double straps won my heart, Not to mention the thick heel makes them super comfortable to wear and walk in. So yea, that thrift visit made me happy, especially considering I paid like $5 for the pair! Thank you mom for teaching me all about the thrift store! :)

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  1. I have those shoes! lol Wore them Saturday for an all day drinking affair and my feets didn't hurt once (not sure I would've noticed anyway lol).

    1. the shoes are SO CUTE AND COMFORTABLE! :D heehee, yea I usually don't feel my feet ache when I am at a drinking affair either... it is usually the next day where I realize the balls of feet are in pain, lol.
      yey to comfy shoes and lovely drinking affairs :)

  2. i think we are sisters from another mister. i can not leave the house without putting on some sort of bright color. it is really hard for me to wear all neutrals. i mean i have before but i never feel myself.

    regarding your comment, yes the weather is awesome but i am a little concerned, we need rain and it was suppose to today but no sign yet. but i will take sunny weather over rain any day...to bad it can't rain AND be sunny...i would totally dig that!


    1. I absolutely LOVED this comment! "sisters from another mister" cracked me up! I have to agree though as I admire your use of red lip stick & color palette via wardrobe when I visit your blog! papa was a rolling stone. :)

      Did it rain after all? In which state do you live? oooh, rainy+sunny days are my fav because of the hopes of rainbows streaked across the sky! :)

  3. that necklace is amaaaaazing! and so are the shoes! i can totally understand not straightening your hair, because until i got mine cut off last friday, i pretty much only straightened mine when there was some sort of event where i had to look nice!

    1. aaawwwe! THANK YOU! I am glad you like it, I mighta been thinking of a lion when I made it, as the orange+brown+yellow reminds me of lion king now, heehee.
      these shoes are so fun but surprisingly I don't wear them often, I should though, I should take them out to play more :)

      yes! it is so much work to straighten it uniformly and keep it from frizzing-- I LOVE your short hair, I admit I was taken by TOTAL surprise when I saw it, and I can't wait to see you rock outfits with it! :D

  4. Replies
    1. thank you stef! you are such a darling & your positive energy radiates outta your online presence!

  5. oh, i love the bright accents, it is totally YOU :p and i'd have to agree with you! those shoes are lovely, the thick heel, i have been looking for some like those. pero en the thrift stores, all the size 9-9.5's estan re-te-feos :P hehehe

    1. hahahahaha "re-te-feos" hahahaha! Haven't heard that in so long! :D I know what you mean, it is total hit or miss at the thrift, but when you least expect it you shall find a pair that will make you do a happy dance in them :D <3

  6. Replies
    1. oooooooh! I should! I love that wig... my sister came the other day and saw it and for a moment I thought she was going to take it back (its hers) but she didn't! So I should take it out for a post... :) heehee. good idea Nina! :D

  7. Those shoes ROCK! I so wish I had a normal shoe size, I wear a 10-10.5 and have the hardest time finding shoes! The shoe makers assume because my foot is long it's also wide, nope... extremely narrow! I would love to find some cuteness like you!

  8. Love the shoes and the pop of colour with your pendant!

    I hope you'll stop by and link-up with What I Wore Wednesday, too!


    1. love your blog! I am def. linking up with you this wednesday! :D yey! :)


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