Sunday FUNday! {No.13} Hello Captain America

6:27 PM

::Outfit Confessionals:: 
  • This is what I call power of association purchase/outfit. I saw this t-shirt at f21 and had to have it... why? have you seen the Captain America movie that came out this summer? Um, that man is h-a-n-d-s-o-m-e with a side of wow! :) We took our 5yr old to see the movie and I was won over instantly. I now understood the Avengers comic books my son has, it made total sense and here goes the power of association: the shirt gave me happy feelings because it reminded me of my son and I pictured him smiling when he saw me wearing it, and I do like to be in the business of smiles so booya, it was done, mama made this Captain America shirt hers. :) I swear I am such an impulse buyer sometimes!
  • I walked out of the bedroom wearing this outfit and the hubs said: "whats with the teenager look." really? Why can't a woman that turns 25AGAIN (every year since she turned 25 forreal) wear a Captain America shirt? It's fun! It's Sunday! Give me a break! ;p Oh well, might be a little juvenile but I don't care, I prefer the cashier at Trader Joes ask to see my ID when I buy wine than not, in fact, if they don't I get a little hurt :) So hubs went in the "you-just-a-hater" category for the day. ha!
  • I'm a kid at heart, stuff like this makes me happy & my son likes this outfit, so its a win in my book. Also, did I mention, I am only going to target, art store and to visit my grandma today so whatevs. :) xoxo!

shirt: f21
cardigan: borrowed
double finger ring: Mano y Metal
jeans: ynq
boots: target
the kid in me: my spirit
Power of association is so strong! the things I buy because they bring happy feelings is ridiculous :)

What have been your impulse purchases lately?  

Hope you are having a great Sunday!

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