Truth Is... {No.9}

10:36 AM

Today, I am joining my girl, Nina on the Moon in her project:
Where she asks participants to share a personal truth: be them big or small...
Thank you Nina for your project!
Each week, I enjoy the truth journey I take within myself. 

Photo Credit goes to my talented friend Monica Cruz, a Chicago-native photographer.

Truth is:  I am a firm believer in embracing
the extraordinary
that lays in the
                              Magic is all around us,
                                                         believe in it,
                                                                      believe in yourself
                                                                                             and capture it.

 what is your truth?

Thank you for stopping by today! 
Have a wonderful week! 
Desiree, Mano y Metal.

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  1. my truth is, and i'm going to have to give the same one i did in a comment someone else's blog earlier this morning - i am too impatient and detail-oriented (or as others might say, anal-retentive, although that term sounds so bad) and i need to just let go and not worry that every little thing is in its place and as it should be.

    1. @Danielle-- I understand you on the impatient part and funny is I thought myself to be laid back and not anal-retentive (ur right, it does sound so bad! ha!) about details until my brother came to help me on a project and I was SOOO detail-oriented & nit-picky on how he did things & I didnt even recognize myself... wait is that me just being a "control freak" either way I agree with you on everything IS as it should be, despite our impulses to fix it all :)

  2. My truth is I cried Fri, sat, sun night because I am scared for my mom. :-/

    1. @stef- awwwe! Sending you prayers and healing vibes to your mama! <3

  3. loved your truth des, so very true!!! POSITIVITY = AWESOMENESS!

  4. ohhh what a good question! I am going to have to think about it...currently my children will tell you I firmly believe in washing your :)

    1. heehee!
      That is my mantra to my lil 5 yr old!
      "WASH YOUR HANDS germs are everywhere!" :)


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