Truth is...{No.10 } I am split in half.

12:42 PM

truth is: this is how I have been feeling lately...
Photo Credit: Alejandro Lavin Jr.
I've been finding myself in this emotional web lately, where I get anxiety being at the cube because i have a rush of ideas for Mano y Metal and then by the time i get home, I am get swept away by the daily house duties that by the time I do have a moment to create, i am too tired and my creative energy is no where to be found... and..If you have an artist heart and a day job, then you probably feel the way i do...

i called my friend this past Friday to wish him a happy birthday and he jokingly said:
"what the hell, my job doesn't understand I have things to do! art to make! they insist on keeping me for 40 hrs every week!" 
                        and we took on our alter-ego voices, the way we like to when we talk to each other---you know, that voice you use when you are talking to yourself while driving? no? anyone? well, I do it all the time :) Anyway, and i chimed in saying: 
" I know! Don't they realize 40hrs is a lot to take away from our creative lives..."
                        and we both wished out-loud
                                 him in New York
                                            and me in Chicago,
        that we could dedicate 40 hours a week, 80 hours bi-weekly & 160hrs monthly to our creative endeavors, and not
                    instead be a cubicle hostage.
BUT my cubicle job pays the bills, keeps the stability in my routine and I know better than to complain... in fact, i am NOT complaining,... I am merely venting today because a cube can wear an artist out is all...
It can wear me out...
Sometimes, I feel it start to take my shine away, and that scares me...
so, since it is truth tuesday, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to be truthful and get it off my chest, and there, I am all better now... good thing i have the soul of a ninja and can fight the negativity off one karate-chop at a time:)
someone please add that to my resume: "soul of a ninja" :)

thank you for stopping by for my truth tuesday vent session!

& by all means, if you have want to vent about something, I will listen & share some of my ninja-negative-chopping-moves with ya :)

much love.

 what is your truth?
Today, I am joining my girl, Nina on the Moon in her project:

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  1. The dilemma... Follow your heart. That's all I can say! Love you amiga!

    1. Yes, it has become the DAILY dilemma lately...
      decisions, decisions.
      Thank you Citlalli, I am finding the courage a lil more each day!


  2. i know exactly what you mean, about the threat of taking your sunshine away... :/ I feel that with my job sometimes. peru good thing we are some tough cookies, and it's hard for things to get us down! :P


    1. you said it nina! Good thing we ARE tough cookies :) takes a lot to take our sunshine away :) <3

  3. I totally understand your I sit in my cubicle at the moment. (and TOTALLY add soul of a ninja to your resume...shoot that should be a job requirement!) Keep your head up!

    1. yea, we (humans) weren't designed to spend so many hours in a box, I vote more "work from home" days! :) ahhh, now THAT would be awesome! :)
      doing cubicle duties in PJs from HOME! :)

      soul of a ninja-- heehee.

      thank you Martiza! You too!

  4. Replies
    1. Awe, I wish I could follow it, but bills are annoyingly dominating with their presence! :)
      But gotta stay positive! :)


  5. I know exactly how you feel. There must be a happy medium out there somewhere...

    1. THERE HAS TO BE! :) That is what I believe... let's find it! :)

  6. I so know what you mean and I have been torn for a long time too. Man this getting the bills paid SUCKS! :)

    1. Yep! The having to pay the long list of bills and you know, occasionally shop for new clothes makes me stick to something steady.... oh being responsible can have its set-backs. :)



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