Valentine's Day Collection! {Take 1}

12:10 PM

I got some new stuff to share with you all! First, I got some new stamps! yep, I am pretty excited about these because for as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with zodiac signs and what characteristics people carry based on the star they are born under and so on... so the first of the two necklaces i am introducing today is: "The Compatibility Necklace" :)
{Here is the story}
So for those who like to speak in code, believe in the power of symbols and have a thing for looking up horoscopes and collecting books on zodiac meanings, astrology and numerology, well then you might just like this compatibility necklace. :) because I made it for people like you, and me... yet, despite what the books & stars say we are compatible with, the heart has the last call.
view in detail here
My second customizable necklace is two initials united by a little plus sign...
 {Here is the Story}
I thought of the the way I grew up reading tales and watching movies of couples carving their initials into tree trunks... enclosing their initials within a heart.... so I thought it perfect to take that concept, that symbolization of love and transfer it into a necklace.... love is in the air y'll and Valentines is rapidly approaching, stay tuned for more product launches that will be wrapped in love as I grow the Mano y Metal Valentine's day collection.
view in detail  here

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a wonderful Sunday :)

 much love.

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  1. cute! yesterday i found out that i am a water pig and tom is a earth dog and we are compatible, hehe. those are chinese zodiac signs though. i am always hard because i fall on the cusp so i am either a taurus or a gemini. both signs define me pretty well too :) loving the new necklaces, the heart is super cute!

    1. Awe! That is awesome about you and Tom! I always love to read my Chinese zodiac sign definitions at this one restaurant by my house, the place mats have them all listed and fascinate me each time! :) I'm a pig too-- which I never really liked being called haha!
      Thank you! the heart is a fun shape to be working with now :)

      have a great sunday!

  2. OMG these are awesome. So perfect for vday.

    1. :D THANK YOU Ly~!
      I just visited your blog and OMG i LOVE your style! :D so following your blog now :)

  3. awww! i would LOVE one of those heart necklaces with the mister and i's initials on it. too cute!


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