Sew Beastly & Storenvy!

12:06 PM

 There is nothing better than going out to your mailbox and finding the item you ordered waiting in the mailbox for you!
I purchased a Sew Beastly wristlet in a classic black & white checkered pattered adorned with orange ruffles & 3 rectangle opal buttons as adornment. I love it!

 It arrived wrapped in the sweetest of details, from a hand-sewn thank you card to the "handmade with love" zipper pull! Citalli really takes her time adding details to her packaging that let you know you have purchased a quality handmade product!
It fits all the essentials too! Keys, wallet, lip gloss (my essential) cell phone and anything else you may need to add. The strap gives you the hands-free option too.
Citlalli (heart& hands behind Sew Beastly) just opened up her store front on storenvy too and has a FREE SHIPPING promotion going on and no code required! Stop by and check out her new storenvy store front to see if any handmade goodness catches your eye! She is the sweetest person too! :)

connect with Sew Beastly

I am so curious about storenvy! I like the layout it has and the way you can design it as if it were a blog with links to all your other Internet faces... such as fb. twitter and even pinterest!
I've also seen a lot of artisans making the switch from Etsy to storenvy recently...
Have any of you heard of storenvy?
Do you like it?

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a great day!

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  1. Des, first of all THANK YOU AMIGA!! I am always touched when someone likes my creations, and I cannot thank you enough for being my friend+cheerleader+supporter. I am forever thankful to have found you, and I don't know where I would be without your friendship...seriously, you have kept me going on those not so awesome days. I wish I could give you a huge hug right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Love you girlie!!

    1. Citlalli I WISH we lived in the same city and were able to sync creative powers in person! I am not letting you off of the hook about the "______" posts I mentioned in Jan via email heehee! I gotta get you to join me :) I adore you and am a huge fan of your HARDwork and determination and can't wait to see what other amazing work you come up with! :)
      Love ya Amiga!

  2. aww, citlalli is so sweet and talented! so glad to see you posting about her :)

  3. Fabulous!!! such a beautiful its looking so beautiful i really like it...
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