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11:51 AM

When I finally decided to stop snoozing the alarm on my phone I unlocked it and opened my email... Now, I ask myself why I do this every morning as the first thing, Literally while still warm in my bed.. because i swear, i will read each email and I do not retain a single word because I just woke up! Nonetheless, the habit is hard to break... so there I am 6:45am... laying in bed and squinting at the bright light of my phone when I open the Etsy Dudes email titled "Rumor has It" I liked the subject line as it reminded me of Adele's catchy song... and BAM, right there the FIRST item listed in the Etsy Dudes newsletter is my tie clip... well, Mano y Metal's "Boss Dude" Tie Clip! Whoop-whoop! Well, that email indeed made having to wake up so early on Friday (who ever wants to work on fridays-ugh!) and come into the cubicle much easier, I have to forward the Etsy Dudes email newsletter to my friend Matt who modeled the tie clips for me and let him know his handsome face just went viral. ha! 
  On other Mano y Metal note this morning, I reached 700sales this week! I can't believe I created 700+ pieces and shipped them off to people all over the geographic sphere................!!!!
Reaching the 700 sales milestone made me pretty darn happy. Especially, since I feel like I have been slacking on so many things.... like posting new items, re-desiging business cards, cleaning & organizing my work space, taking pictures of new items, etc., etc... it's is just hard to get to everything... I mean unless I grow 4 extra arms or clone myself, I can only do so much in a day...And also, I have started telling myself it is ok not to do "everything" I scribble on my to-do list that day, that it is ok for some things to wait until "tomorrow"  --- Because, I am turning a new leaf and not allowing myself to get stressed out like i was allowing myself to do way to often  that easily anymore! I find that I can be such a bully and critic to myself and I had to tell myself to back-off and stop stressing. Sometimes you just have to put your foot down and HUSH the inner nagging critic. :)
So this email delight made my morning and I treated myself to a Hazelnut-Mocha Blendissimo heehee. A special shout-out to Etsy Dudes for featuring my "Boss Dude" tie clip and to my awesome friend Matt who modeled for me :)

Thank you for stopping by today!
I hope you have a freakn' awesome (Fry)day!

Here is a sign-up list to Etsy newsletters arranged by topic/region should you want to sign up some pretty cool finds get delivered to your inbox every now and then... .

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  1. Congratulations. That's so great!

  2. Congratulations, I remember seeing that e-mail and thinking how awesome it was that your item was listed and you follow my tiny little blog :).

    1. Wow! So cool you saw the email! :D
      Awe! I love visiting your blog! :)

  3. congrats girl that is amazing! so so proud and happy for you!!

  4. woooooooohoooooooooo!!!!! congrats, desiree!!! well-deserved press!


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