Etsy Wanderings Led me to You::: Color Splash!

11:27 AM

 the best way to eliminate the Monday blues... is to add other colors to your day! :)
Today I am feeling vibrant color combos...
brought to you by my etsy wanderings...
My mom cooked with a lot of wine... hmmm... :) {source}

these . I . covet. {source}
am I the only one excited to see this? soooooo pretty! {source}

If I wasn't afraid of the sewing machine, I'd collect the brightest of hues in thread... {source}

I like smile-igitors. :) {source}

I am a fan of industrial looks and innovative creations-- aka this bookcase. {source}
My wardobe would be complete if I added these puffy dresses to it :)  {Source}

How do you usually kick the Monday blues?

Thanks for stoppin' by today!

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