Sunday FUNday! {No. 14} DIY: Heart Cut-out Shirt!

9:07 PM

It has been a long time since I posted a Sunday FUNday post, but I'm gettin' back in the groove and wanted to share a fun DIY I found on pinterest... I modified the DIY according to my terms because, well, I have never been good at following directions... nor reading instructions... so I looked at the picture and made up my own way of getting that heart cut-out. Although, the original pin has a great way to achieve the heart-shape with chalk if you are working on a dark-colored shirt! :) Alright, let's get started with the heart-fun.

 Confessions of a DIYer:
  1. So, I totally looked through all my shirts and didn't really find a shirt i wanted to cut-up... so I went to the hubs section of the closet and totally SNATCHED one of his (many) white t-shirts from his drawer (while he was at soccer practice with the kid) and happily sacrificed it for the this DIY-- I mean he has so many white shirts...
  2. I planned on NOT confessing and you know, just hiding the shirt so he wouldn't know I cut-up one of his t-shirts..... BUT I FORGOT and he got home and I was sitting editing this post when I heard... "what the hell? Is this my shirt!?" and I ran over to the bedroom and he was holding his beloved t-shirt looking at the heart shape now adorning it. whoops! My sneaky skills failed me and I forgot to hide it. I told him I'll buy him another one :::giggles::: I mean whatever.
You can totally modify the shape of the heart to any size you prefer... and also place it anywhere else... I might play with this idea more... maybe even on one of my own shirts next time ;p

This was brought to you by Sunday FUNday
I hope you enjoyed this DIY! :) 
See you next Sunday!

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  1. cute! i love backless shirts! sorry you got in trouble, i would have done the same thing! tom has so many white shirts! hehe

    1. lol! it was totally worth it... as I play with DIYs more... his side of the closet is totally in trouble. :) heehee.
      hope you are having a great MOnday!


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