Guilty Food Pleasures.

6:06 PM

Don't ever ask me to be your "diet" buddy. I am a bad influence and also, easily influenced when presented with loaded burgers and sweets. Exhibit 1, 2, 3, & 5 as references.
I was supposed to be eating "healthy" this week.... and my brother INSISTS on taking me to a burger joint... and presents me with this...>> Hot Wings, Ranch Dipping Sauce & Home Fries... How in the world am I supposed to say no to this?!
{side note: haha, my brother matches the tray!} Ok, I have to begin by saying I have never had a "pretzel" bun before in my life.... until this burger.... this burger is called: "the hangover" Why? I have no idea? Maybe it has something to do with the theory that a greasy meal helps get rid of a hangover? Ever heard that one? Ok, movin' on... So, WARM, freshly baked pretzel bun, made to order patty, VELVEETA cheese! And chili... with: JALAPENOS... ok, there was no way to explain my happiness when eating this burger, typing this out and seeing the picture makes me want to go to that restaurant and order one total delish if you have a place in your heart for all the wrong things to eat... like I do :)
Next on the: "there goes eating "healthy" list is: the smiling face below loves ice cream, and who am I kidding, so do I and especially this awesome shop in Little Village, Chicago that caters to my taste-buds and offers the most unique tailored homemade ice cream flavors! If you grew up in the hood with eloteros selling mangos and elotes on a stick, and drinking warm cups of Abuelita chocolate then you understand why I am so in love with this shop! :) The variety of flavored ice cream is: Horchata, Avocado!, Abuelita Chocolate, Mango, ELOTE!, Coconut and they even make their own Pistachio Ice cream, yummy!
this smiling face makes me say yes to Ice cream :)
What is this? A mouse! A Chocolate BROWNIE Mouse! I have to say, the brownie was the best I have had in a long time. Thankfully, my son ate most of it... but he had to pry it outta my hands :)
This is a shake that I made in my effort to combat all of the above. And that was my dietary confessions for this week a la no self-control and beloved guilty food pleasures. The end. :) 

Did you give in to any guilty food pleasures this week?

Thank you for stopping by today, hope your day is rockin!

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  1. Replies
    1. food is delicious mujer and you are gorgeous! xoxo!

  2. Horchata flavored homemade ice cream, yum! I knew my husband was a keeper when we went out on dates to eat wings and beer :)Oh, and today I ate way too many lemon sugar cookies with my daughter :)

    1. heehee! awe! sweet! you can't go wrong with wings and beer and lemon cookies..... yum!

  3. oh my gosh, this post has made me SO hungry, and i just finished eating philippino! i'm like you, i would be the worst person in the world to keep someone on track with healthy eating because i have no will power!

  4. thats my girl! i like the way you roll! you know what you gotta eat bad things once in a while. if you starve yourself of them it just isn't right. a world without fries is the worst kinda world and i wouldn't want to live in it!

  5. Seriously? Everything looked delish, and we would be trouble if we ever went out to eat. ;] I haven't been eating red meat here, I guess that's how I am keeping it healthy?
    That ice cream place sounds soooo good!! You made my mouth water when you mentioned eloteros....oh the delights!! I wish I lived in the hood for that reason...maybe I should go to Fiesta and get some there.
    Des, you have made me so hungry!! xoxoxoxo

    1. lol! omg, I keep telling myself to eat less red meat... I really try and i will do it for like a week... until I get that taco craving or... double-cheesburger craving... so I commend you for sticking to less red-meat. Also, I have been viewing so many "healthy living/food" documentaries where the details of red meat scare me into considering vegetarianism... so i have been juicing a lot of veggies lately... and *trying* drinking more water! the war between caffeinine and water in my world is intense :)
      Miss you chica!

  6. oh lord, desiree! why is your son sooo darn cute?! i hope my kids are just as adorable - i will squeeze them all day long! haha! and by the way, that food looks hey-mazing - i am so hungry now!


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