Pinterest finally got a hold of me.

11:28 PM

O.M.G Where have I been? Seriously, I just discovered Pinterest like 2 weeks ago... Ok, so I have had an account for several months... probably over 6 months, but I had no idea what it was, it seemed overwhelming and I didn't "get it." Well, maybe it was just that I didn't want to take the time to "get it." I figured come on, with my etsy shop, facebook, twitter, blog, tumblr, instagram and drawsomething accounts did I realllllllly need to LEARN pinterest too? and so I avoided it and that was that until... I landed on pinterest one way or another and I "pinned" something... 

Source: via Desiree on Pinterest

oooh, that was exciting... and I saw some more eye candy that fed my braid obsession and pinned that... 
Source: via Desiree on Pinterest

and I pinned that and that and that! 
I think I can credit downloading the pinterest app to my phone with pushing me over the ledge to be a full-blow pinterest lover.
Source: via Desiree on Pinterest

I bet you the girl in the neon dress pictured below is pinning via her phone! :)
Source: via Desiree on Pinterest

And who am I kidding avoiding Pinterest? I am a visual person by nature, and I love to be inspired and Pinterest allows me to organize my visual inspiration unto various boards and keep being inspired. I feel like this is a true love-match. 

P.S I found this drink on pinterest and made it on Sunday, it was so delicious! :)

Source: via Desiree on Pinterest

Source: via Desiree on Pinterest

Anyway, I felt like confessing and telling you that I have a new beloved cyber distraction via the visual inspiration galore I found via pinterest. 

Oh & pinterest "suggested" I "find friends to follow" via my gmail contacts, facebook contacts and heck, when I was logged unto twitter it sifted through those contacts and so i am pretty much following all of you = fyi. :) And I am loving what you pin!

Source: Uploaded by user via Desiree on Pinterest

Is this a phase I am going through that will fade? Does pinterest have a hold on you too?

Thank you for stopping by today!
Have a wonderful week. :)

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  1. you got sucked it girl! i have one but i don't use it much. sometimes i feel like i have so many websites that it can be overload, make sense? i have a tumblr and i use that a lot and love it for the same reason but i do find that pinterest is easier to find things, especially when it comes to inspiration!

  2. Awww snap! I feel exactly like you did about pinterest. I don't want to get sucked in cause I know I will. I had a look at yours and now Im craving feta wrapped cucumbers! Look what you've done!


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