to Up-do or not to Up-do? That* is the question.

12:31 PM

So, my close friend Olivia is getting married to my brother-in-law t-o-m-orrow! eeeek! SO EXCITING!!!! I cannot wait!  It is really cool to have a close friend become family and I can't wait to see what wedding dress she has chosen, since she can be sooooo mysterious and quiet about her wedding details... heehee, speaking of dresses... um, WHY did I wait until the LAST MINUTE (aka this week) to find myself a dress to wear to her wedding? I mean, I have known about this wedding since last year.... why didn't I get myself to dress-shopping long ago? Is it the glory in the last-minute hustle? NO! It's just i put things off... mama is a procrastinator. and a baconator, but for now, lets focus on the procrastinator...
anyway, I was getting depressed and near tears as each day this week i would hit up a new bundle of stores only to emerge empty-handed and crushed... there wasn't a dress that made me happy... until yesterday... I walked into a store and snatched up ALL THE "POTENTIALS" (dresses not men) and was totally in the dressing room for like 40 minutes... and found TWO dress options that finally made me happy!... so, hopefully today, I will feel like they are a match still... cause' I can change my mind in a hot second and decide I don't like what I was planning on wearing and start a square one again...
and so now that next issue is HAIR?? How should I wear my hair for this very special wedding??? Up-do? Down? Curly? Braids?? I am leaning toward up-do... a semi-casual "flowly" one... but I might very well just leave it down and curl it too... the easier route sometimes lures me with the "minimal work required" tag line... but Here is what I am thinking...

What do you think?
Option 1, 2, 3, 4, OR 5??
if not, I might very well show up in curlers instead :)


Thank you for stopping by today!
Have a wonderful weekend! 

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  4. Oh, this wedding sounds so exciting! I love all of these hair styles, but it's hard to pick without knowing the style of your dress. Hummm, with that being said, my top three choices are 1,2, and 5 - not necessarily in that order. I like #1 if the dress is flowy or has soft lines or a little less casual. #2 could go with anything, I think. And #5 reminds me of your red lipstick photos. :-) It reminds me of a retro look. Very classy! I probably didn't help that much, but have fun anyways. I know you will!

  5. oh girl! you don't need to even ask up! the braid idea is really cute! i am a bridesmaid to in a wedding in september and i am loving the braid idea since i can't braid for shit!

  6. I like all the braid up do options. Whatever u do, I'm sure it'll look great.


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