life via instagram {No.2}

11:51 AM

Hi! here are my week's candids captured via instagram, linking up with Life Rearranged blog for InstaFriday :)

1. morning sunshine, day off of the cubicle means day ON for Mano y Metal // 2. family portrait- note uncooperative child // 3. my friend posted this on fb and I had to share it- cracked me up - i used to think this of my mom growing up // 4. a Custom Money Clip i worked on this week- it's all about that personality! shipped to NewYork // 5. my momma, me as a baby and my grandpa -- no wonder I always wanna wear flowers in my hair, grew up seeing my momz stylin' em' // 6. saw my niece on mothers day with her lopsided pigtails that look like waterfalls! // 7. my momma's calligraphy skills that she drew on mine and my sisters m-day cards, I wanna learn to write like this! // 8. bored with veggie trays? // 9. a custom order of matching rings for a couple in New York I made... // 10. why o why is this always the case?! 


Whatcha got planned for this weekend? <3

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  1. your gorggeous!! and your kiddo is adorable. ;)

  2. love your instagram pics!! :) the family portrait is the besT!!!!! :) this weekend, i ma planning to cook some good food..maybe go to a rodeo! :)

  3. What a lovely post!! You are so stunning! :D
    Hey, it is true... I AM the most creative just before falling asleep... XD

  4. You are so gorgeous!! LOVE your hair.
    & I'm with you- I always have the BEST ideas right before I fall asleep. So weird!!

  5. I love the little creative before sleep doodle... I totally relate to that! Your jewellery is astonishing by the way. I've never seen your blog before and I just love your style.
    Nikki Joy x


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