Tales of Love

9:42 AM

Boy meets Girl...  or in this case Olivia meets Alex and vice versa..
It was a bar-b-q  season and I had the habit of inviting a few girlfriends of mine to these bar-b-q’s to help me eat grilled tacos, cheeseburgers and spiked lemonade :) and on this particular day my friend Olivia arrivedand my brother-in-law Alex walked over to our table to say hello to me and my friends. Right after I introduced him to Olivia he sat down with us and his conversation was something about a dentist appointment he recently had and teeth whitening that left him thinking a tooth of his was a shade gray of which he proceeded to smile at us to show us his teeth and he asked if we saw the difference in shades of enamel of his teeth. ...                 
I remember staring at Alex wondering what the hell possessed him to talk about a gray tooth of his (especially since he doesn’t have a gray tooth! He just didn’t know what else to talk about that day?!) and then I looked over at Olivia who stared at him in silence and I saw that he was just drumming up any type of conversation to stay seated at our table longer…  and although I am SURE she thought he was weird… (I mean what kind of conversation starter is that?) I also saw she thought he was cute and funny… hence, it was no wonder that a friendship bloomed between them as they shared a love of pizza, late-night TV and lord, how Olivia had tolerance of Alex’s stories of gray teeth and such and soon after they started dating… And so all these years later (because it seems like decades ago how fast time flies) here we are celebrating the wedding day of Alex and Olivia! Who knew that summer day at a bar-b-q would lead them to this? Tales of Love are always interesting ones as I find that the beauty of life is, one never knows the surprises it has in store for us.

So, we were pretty excited about Olivia's wedding and I couldn't help myself in taking pics of the behind the scenes of her big day! :) Our friend Mayra did our make-up, starting with the bride as we drank mimosas and got ready for her celebration! :) Here is a picture diary of the day!
The groom and baby in tuxedo bowtie arrive!

The mister and I were so happy to be there and the bride and I dusted off our dancing skills and danced to some salsa! :)

The bride and groom show off their salsa dancing skills! :)
Me and my lovely friend Mayra who did all of our make-up! <3
Doesn't the bride look stunning! :)
Oh, and remember how I blogged here about not knowing how to do my hair for her wedding? Well, after pinning away and searching on pinterest, here's what I went with!
I also feel like I can't get away from the color red when it comes to hair... I say that i will dye it another color or go back to brown but red just doesn't let go of me. <3

Thank you for stopping by today & letting me share this special day in the family with you all!
friday is almost here!! whoop!whoop!

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  1. This was such a beautiful post. You ladies looked GORGEOUS!!!

  2. what a super cute story. boys are funny sometimes, they just try anything to win a girl over and i guess it works! hehe. olivia looks so beautiful and man do you look HOT! your smile is just so beautiful and happy. it lights up my day!

  3. Beautiful post! The Bride was gorgeous and so were you mama. Love the hair and the make up! Thanks for sharing ;)

  4. you look great D!! :) and the bride's dress is AH_MAY-ZINGGG!!!! :)BESOs.
    ps-yes, my tips are naturally that color!

  5. Lovely pictures and blog dear! Would love if you checked out my Thursday link party or thriftfanatics page (;


  6. LOVE how your hair came out. Everyone looked so good. What a great time and sweet love story. gray tooth haha.



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