Veggie Skeleton!

11:48 AM

I saw this project here while feeding my pinterest addiction and I knew the munchkin would love to make this... we made our own variation though as the original source of this project used only vegtables with some veggie dipping sauce... while we decided to add some fruit to the "design" and use hummus instead...... then the veggie skeleton building began! or another way to phrase is would be: and the "tricking the kid to eat an outrageous amount of fruit & veggies in one sitting began!" muuu-haaahaa! ;p

face: hummus// eyes & mouth: edamame// spine: cucumbers// "shorts": strawberries// arms & legs: carrots//hands: apple slices// feet: orange slices//hair: baby spinach leaves

It was a fun project and done super quick... you can also cater to your taste-buds and customize it to wear your favorite fruit+veggie combo.
And, the veggie skeleton doesn't have to be limited to just kids... cause' this veggie skeleton beats the traditional veggie tray for a gathering or party anyday!! :)

What's your favorite snack?

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  1. He looks more like a veggie robot, which is super cool. You are really influencing me on this pinterest thing. I dunno, I think it is only a matter of time now before I hop on that wagon.


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