{Photo-shoot PART I} red door, blue pants & yellow sun.

9:00 AM

It was random. 
My friend Alex & I decided over our Chipotle burritos one day on our lunch break, that we should meet for a photo-shoot... after work since we work a block away from each other.. 
       & him being the guy he is, sent me a google calendar request and me being the girl I am, ignored it. 
    But nonetheless, we met this week after work, abandoned our cubicles & ventured on an impromptu photo-shoot of some sort, with no set plan other than to make some photos happen. 
& Despite the 90+ degree weather, with an unkind sun making it impossible to take off my sunglasses for the pictures... 
            & despite the deserted semi-creepy streets we found ourselves walking through making me wonder if we were in a law&order episode... 
         with abandoned industrial buildings and crumbled bricks strewn across the edges of the curbs... we found the the unknown surroundings welcoming us with gifts.. 
                gifts of art pieces painted on walls, red painted doors & the occasional gust of breeze promising us we could survive the heat.... 
               this is PART I of the pics... I'll show you PART II in a few days, but for now, here is what we got.
{d e t a i l s } 
location: chicago
shirt: target// pants: A'gaci // shoes: akira
earrings + bracelet: Mano y Metal
all photo taken by: Alejandro Lavin Jr. 
[Alex is a film photographer, but was kind enough to take these fo' me with my digital. :) cause' he's awesome like that]
check out his work here.

 I was pretty amazed by that HUGE painting on the cement wall... so cool! ...and would now be a good time to mention that I am obsessed with red doors? :)
Thanks for stopping by today! I have missed you all!

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