Photoshoot Part II: Le Train Tracks.

12:29 PM

Hi! Hola! Omg, it is a 100 degrees in Chicago today with a heat index of around 110 degrees! So I sit in my cubicle with a cardigan on freezing as the air conditioner blasts cold air, then I step outside to catch the train home and I melt in the 110 degree heat index. Weather whiplash! I don't know if I have heat exhaustion or am catching a cold from the air conditioner!! But hey, we wanted summer, now we got it-- gotta soak it up cause in winter time I will daydream about this heat index. :)
Speaking of heat, this is PART II of the impromptu photoshoot my friend alex and I had last week, of which it was around 98degrees outside that day too, luckily it was windy, so the breeze would help deal with the sun but also made my hair flap all over my face, which you can see with some of these pics :).

See these pics with a still train track behind me... LIES! We met up for picture-taking fun after work which meant CrAzY RUSH HOUR -- Metra trains were passing every 5 mins! So we had to get these shots in quickly before the guard rails came down and rushed us off the tracks. 

view bracelet in detail here

Remember I mentioned it was windy that day? Here you go. I was fighting with the wind trying to keep my shirt in tact & hair outta my face... it was a hopeless battle. :)

And that was our random picture taking adventure on the train tracks! Rush hour traffic, trains every 5minutes, 98degrees of heat & wind whipping my hair in my face, now THAT IS A GOOD TIME! :) Seriously! I had a blast getting some summer-time photos in! :) A special thank you to my buddy Alex who was down for the photo-taking adventure :)
Alex's website // twitter

Now, tell me: What's the weather like where you live? Is it HOT?

Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. Honestly, "hot" would be an understatement! Thankfully, we've had a storm or two come through in the last week and now the heat wave broke, bringing us in the high 90s. Those days when it was like 107, I could barely breathe just thinking of it. But guess what I'm doing, despite the heat - managing somehow to paint a piece of furniture. Trust me though, I'm running back into the house like every 10 minutes. I'm such a sucker! lol

    Ok, now about these photos: I love, and I do mean LOVE train track photographs. You are fortunate to have a friend like Alex to take your portrait and to brave the train guards with!

    Hey, don't forget, whenever you get a free moment (if that really exists), I'd love to feature you on my blog. :-)

    Stay cool!

    1. Libby no you are NOT painting a piece of furniture in 107 degree weather! Although, sounds like something I would totally do! LOL. But wow! You are experiencing a heat wave too indeed!

      Train track photographs are SOOOO FUN, although the lesson I have taken from this photo shoot was not to go at peak rush-hour as the trains rushing past are scary, the speed at which they pass gives me anxiety, so I'm thinking non-peak hours would be so much calmer. :)
      and I know! Usually I take my own photos for my etsy shop with a tripod in my room, but it was so nice to have someone else take the photos! I owe him a coffee! :)

      OMG a feature --that would be lovely! I'll head over to your blog now to fill out the form! Thank you so much for the invitation! <3

      Stay cool & take many breaks while painting that piece of furniture! :)


    2. I have officially quit for this day. I heard some thunder roll and I knew it was my sign. That and I think I'm seeing double. JK! But we are at 99 today. All the furniture has been cleaned and primed, the fixtures have been painted. Perhaps tomorrow, when I recover, I'll finish it up with chalk paint!!!

      And um, yeah, I think the train tracks not during rush hour would be a good thing! LOL

  2. I hated that about working in an office. It was always freezing inside and blazing outside. What is hot though is YOU! Damn gurl!i love the pants soo much!

  3. que guapa amiga!! :) that last photo, so sexy! right now the weather in vancouver is like a mere 20 celcius...NOTHING!!!! >.<

  4. Where did you shoot this at? (streets)

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