Life via Instagram {No.3}

4:39 PM

 Hi! here are my week (or two) of candids captured via instagram,
linking up with Life Rearranged blog for InstaFriday :)
1. Little People // 2. The gig is over. ha! // 3. Let her sleep for when she wakes
she will move mountains... well said! :) // 4. enjoy the journey
I made my 1,000th sale! WOW!!! ah-maze-ing! THANK YOU beautiful people for supporting handcrafted accessories for women & men!!! xoxoxoxo!
1. it was a tough choice but we decided on Guava, Lime & Mango con chile ice cream. // 2. Lego City event! The idea is you arrive, build something and add it to the Lego City, so fun! // 3. two hours later our Lego contribution was a Lego Hospital, robt, building & train :) // 4. Mickey Mouse pancakes bring happiness, that day i ditched the day job to hang out with my son.

I  admit it, I was skeptical when my sister said she was having a home birth & I was hella nervous
when she woke me up at 3:30am with the news that she was in labor and that I needed to go over.
Turns out, home birth wasn't at all as scary as I imagined & my nephew was born healthy weighing
8lb 14 oz and 21.5inches long (big boy!) Al' natural by my sister who is such a warrior!
Hello Amadeus, welcome to the world & our family, I look forward to cuddling you!

1. Friendship Diaries: Pastel de Tres leches in coconut & caramel make me and my bff very happy!
// 2. Friendship Diaries: Long over due Sunday chit-chat n dranks with my girl Mary... sometimes
you just need to sit down & connect <3 // 3. yo face! // 4. hi frida  
Mama Diaries: he came home wearing a t-shirt he "designed" in summer camp. Little bit of spray
paint + marker action makes an original Tee w/ Hulk + Spiderman + IronMan flying around. I want
one. Oh, the binoculars have been his thing this past week - walking around staring at everyone
thru them. never a dull moment. <3
1. heart sunglasses= one of my impulse purchases when I vended at pitchfork fest //
2. city sightings:::: once upon a time there was a door next to a dumpster and... // 3. Before I mix it- layered from bottom to top: Orange Juice, Carot Juice & beet Juice.  // 4.  tuesday night barbq with my friend visiting from NY, keeping the kids up past their bedtimes with ice cream truck delights. hey now. //
Cheers! a pic of the sangria I made at home and went a little fruit crazy with adding mango,
peach, strawberry, tangerine & green apple. see? fruit.crazy. :)
Cheers to your weekend! have a great one! xoxoxo!

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  1. your boy is sooo cute! i love that he is using the binoculars, did he go see moonrise kingdom? home made sangria, sounds good! hope you have a great weekend too!

    1. Not yet! I have to take him to see that even though I am weirded out about teh movies since that shooting incident on colorado :( moonrise sounds like fun though :)

      hope your weekend was good!


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