WIWW: Hello Spring & Creative Mojo Talk

11:24 AM

It's been 80 degrees the past few days over here in Chicago, and that means I can take out all the sleeveless shirts I had stored up and start wearing them again. First sign of spring time is vibrant colors, actually, I don't need a season to wear vibrant colors.. I kinda gravitate toward the brightest colors on clothing racks in stores.. Anyway, as if my shirt wasn't bright enough I snagged this amazing yellow sheer scarf at a vintage shop and decided it was a done deal with this combo. Besides, Chicago weather can give me whiplash with the abrupt turn-around in weather from one hour to the next, so even though it starts off warm, a scarf is a good back up in case the breeze picks up and starts to propose a cold night. 

Why aren't I smiling in this photo? I don't know, I think I was evoking Frida Kahlo... had to be the scarf, the scarf made me think of Frida Kahlo...

Also, I know I have been M.I.A from the blogging world lately... actually from facebook too.. and twitter... I fell into a non-creative slump is all I have to say for myself. I was working at the cubicle, running around everyday on Mother duties, family, so many personal issues arose... but most of all my etsy shop Mano y Metal has really kept me busy as I have gotten a lot of orders in the recent months.. and I'll admit I found myself coming home from working at the cubicle to working on mom duties -putting the kid to sleep, then working on orders... and working around the clock without a break for months can really zap you into a drone of a sort.. and I found myself walking around everyday just feeling overhwhelmed... just non-stop overwhelmed... and it turns out I cannot be that creative when I am perpetually exhausted and overwhelmed... and I kept feeling that the hours of my days would evaporate right before my eyes and before I know it: today is tomorrow... and yesterday is last week and entire months passed me without me posting anything new in my etsy shop, or facebook or twitter... and photo-shoots.. I haven't made time for photo-shoots..

So anyway, I'm trying to reverse all that-- get my creative MOJO back... I need to fight for it because it is worth saving... because ultimately, I am pretty empty if I am not being creative... gotta get it back...you know, all "Stella Got her Groove Back" about it. :) So, this is me saying hello... I know I took some time off... but I'm feeling like Spring Fever will do me good and my son and I had this photoshoot on Sunday... I'll post more pictures from this shoot soon... and I have to say, it felt good getting back in the creative groove of thangs... my thangs.. like photo-shoots, vibrant colors & blogging again. Hello Spring.

Have you ever fallen into a creative slump? What do you do to get your creative mojo back?

Desiree, Mano y Metal

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