Seeing Red.

12:00 PM

Seeing red. at the park, i spotted a bright red brick wall and couldn't resist... i wanted a picture. I wanted to test the red brick wall for a possible photo-shoot I am planning with some new models I am recruiting for the launch of my new website for Mano y Metal. (don't even get me started on that one! SO MUCH WORK- hours upon HOURS it is taking me to build a new website~taking me forever-- ugh.) So, even though the hubs acts unaffected by my (over)enthusiasm to take a picture every chance I get...acts like its silly (my wanting to take pictures all the time) ~which it might very well be.., luckily I don't care. ha! 

And never mind my freezy hair, I had braids & took them out on a humid day, hence, frizz was unavoidable. Anyway, back to the wall, whoever decided to paint it red, thank you, 'cause I might be back to use it as a back drop again. :) And as per usual, a shout-out to the guy behind the camera (er, iphone camera) who humored me and not only took my pictures, but also pretended he didn't like having his pictures taken when I couldn't get over the green socks against the red wall. Its in the details after all.

So what do you think of the red brick wall? too bright? I think with a black dress and the right jewelry, it can work..... what do you think?

Thanks for stopping by today! 


Desiree, Mano y Metal 

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  1. Love the background you choosed to take a photos and beautiful top you're wearing :)

  2. It's interesting that you posted this. On Tuesday I bought a pair of red high heels that I couldn't resist for some reason. Maybe the clearance price, the perfect fit, or the fact that I never had a pair of red shoes. But as soon as I put them on, I thought of you! Red is your color...on a background or whatever else. :-) Best wishes on your new website.

  3. Love your t-shirt!

    Christina Klein

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