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My first official job was at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. I was 16 years old and my art teacher in High School recommended me for the paid internship and I was lucky enough to get it. I took the bus from Little Village into downtown every Saturday morning for 2 years and got to work with so man amazing artists! My artistic appetite grew more each session as I worked alongside many artists assisting in their youth classes (collage class, painting classes, theater classes, architecture classes, dance, music & more) and had the opportunity to experiment in different art forms. Little did I know was also prepping me to work as a teaching artist myself in the future. 
One of the [many] perks of working at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) was that I had the amazing opportunity to exhibit a series of paintings at the Museum at the age of 18! I had no idea the magnitude of this opportunity at the time, all I knew is that it was the best job ever. :) Therefore, it is no wonder I enjoy my visits to the MCA, my son and I visited this summertime, they had live jazz on the patio and we ate veggie burgers on the lawn then walked around and soaked in the glitter floors.. and all that jazz the modern art world has to offer within the museum.

walls of wonder. get your art on. every chance you get. 

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  1. lovely! I would really like to visit this place, so cool.

    1. it always has really fun exhibits and you can't beat the live jazz and watermelon sangria they serve during the week. :)


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