Ladies: 5 last minute DIY Halloween costume ideas!

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Did you wait until the very last minute to get a Halloween costume together? 
Well, being a last minute diva myself, I got your back! 
Here are 5 DIY last-minute halloween costume ideas for you that are easy to put together and that can probably be compiled by the clothes you might have in your closet already! I created a collage for each look to inspire you... and who knows maybe one of these looks will speak to you. Let me know what you think, here they go::::

#1: Grease!
This costume is for the lady who owns a lot of black clothes... you got a pair of black pants? a black [off the shoulder] shirt? a black [p]leather jacket? Then get that hairspray out, red lipstick and red heels and you are set! Smokey dramatic eye makeup and your costume is done! #done&done

Grease DIY Halloween costume by Mano y Metal

Grease DIY Halloween costume by Mano y Metal 

#2: Rosie the Riveter!
For the demim lover. I love this costume idea and might be doing it myself next year... The bandana can be found at any art&craft store and are usually only a $1! What I like about this look is that it does not require heavy makeup as I'd keep it simple with only some eyeliner with a wing at the edge and red lipstick (to match the bandana of course!). As for the hair, tie it up in a bun on the top of your head and wrap the bandana around it the way the working ladies kept their hair out of their face when working the bomb factories during the war II.

DIY: Rosie the Riveter Costume by Mano y Metal

DIY: Rosie the Riveter Costume by Mano y Metal 

#3: Cowgirl!
Do you own a pair of cowboy boots? Well, then you should know I am jealous of you. I'm on the hunt for some cowboy boots myself, but if you already own some them this last minute costume idea might work for you! I chose a pair of jeans but they can easily be substituted with a denim skirt too. Plaid button down shirt, cowboy hat and a belt (preferably with a big o' belt buckle) will complete this cowgirl look. The hair and makeup is up to you and your preference... either two braids or worn down will work... and makeup can be bold or neutral as this look lends to you customizing it. 
DIY: Cowgirl Costume by Mano y Metal

DIY: Cowgirl Costume by Mano y Metal

#4: Get your Mime on! 
Got a stripe shirt in your closet and black pants? Then get yourself some white halloween makeup and then get your mime on! A last minute costume favorite of mine. I actually convinced my husband to be a mime last year, so this look can be applied to men (minus the red heels & lipstick if he'd rather not, ha). I gave two options for the shoes, as I think a pair of red shoes would make the costume pop, but black shoes would work just as well. I also think the costume can be worn with heels or simple ballet flats. The hardest part of this costume would be committing to not talking and instead miming all night, which would be hard for me, but it's a great way to get out of awkward conversation huh? :)

DIY Mime Costume by Mano y Metal

DIY Mime Costume by Mano y Metal by manoymetal featuring a wool hat

#5: Frida Kahlo up in here!
Now you know I could not compose these last minute costume collages without a Frida Kahlo mention! Only my most favorite last-minute costume ever because it lends to so many options... I listed a few ideas... but basically a long skirt (frida had a shriveled leg from her bus accident and only wore long skirts and pants to hide it) I chose black for my costume collage, but honestly, any color will do as Frida LOVED colorful clothing. An ideal shirt would be one of Mexican design, tribal print will also do, but also FLOWER print would do too, anything colorful. Then grab your biggest necklace, some chandelier earrings a shawl and you are practically done! I went with boots for my look, but you can wear heels if you prefer. The major player of this outfit is the flower crown. You MUST have flowers in your hair! I usually buy some fake flowers from the dollar store (or craft store) and cut them to leave a short stem and stick them in my braided hair. Lastly, don't forget to draw in a unibrow with an eyebrow pencil! watch my Frida Kahlo hair+makeup tutorial for tips in achieving this look.
DIY: Frida Kahlo Costume by Mano y Metal

DIY: Frida Kahlo Costume by Mano y Metal 

And there you have it: My last minute DIY costume ideas! 
I hope they help inspire you if you are stressing a costume. 
Have fun tonight!

Desiree, Mano y Metal 

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